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Notes from a Tailor - Tuesday 29th September

01 October 2015



1. The distinctive nature of something or someone.The quality of being individual in an interesting or unusual way.

2. A person or portrayal lacking in depth or characterised by exaggerated or stereotypical features.

The British love a character. How was the holiday? It was great, we met so many characters! Oh, I can’t wait for you to meet her Mum, she's a right character! Of course he should be Mayor of London, he’s such a bloody character! We can’t get enough. But why is it that we’re always looking for someone else to be that character? Someone else to stand out? Would we rather let someone else occupy that space in our shared reality than invest in expressing our own unique individuality to the world?

“…The only distinction in my day to day attire is how increasingly shiny my trousers seem to get.”

This morning our gentleman is jumping the chasm. I’ve been waving him over to this side for a little while and today, he made it over. Welcome old chap, do take a seat. He’s telling me about his wardrobe, or rather, he’s telling me about his suit. He assures me he only brings it out when his other is at the dry cleaners. This one is on its last legs, I can only assume the other is without legs altogether. Let’s talk durability. Let’s talk about 6 months between dry cleaning. Let’s talk virtue of bounty. Today our gentleman is leaving his life of 2 suit rotations behind and as we all know, a journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.

Step 1. More suits.

We add a petrol blue windowpane to replace his plain navy. Also, a mid grey birdseye to replace his other plain navy. Finally, a royal blue pinstripe to replace the royal blue pinstripe shaped hole in his wardrobe. We’re adding a few suits today with a view to keeping them in the wardrobe for as long as possible. We’re taking measurements and I suggest we reinforce the seat and crotch area. Whilst taking his inseam, I notice his pink flamingo print underwear. I suggest we reinforce the seat and crotch area…

Variety comes in many forms. Maybe Monday to Friday you’re work is not inspiringly diverse. You’re starting to feel like an extra from Suits. The sitcom of your formative years has given way to a drama series where excitement is rationed. You know exactly what hijinks you’re going to be getting into today, a 4 hour conference call. You feel less and less like Bart Simpson every day. But there is an upside… That kid has like, 1 shirt. At least you look awesome, you bloody character you.




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