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Why you should never even think about buying off the peg

17 May 2016

When it comes to suit shopping most people have heard the term buying ‘off the peg’ but few realise that there is another option, which involves buying either ‘made-to-measure’ or ‘bespoke’ clothing.

Buying off the peg simply means buying ready to wear clothing in a standard size for e.g. size 38, 40, 42 or in ladies clothing 10, 12, 14. Most clothing manufacturers use these sizing options and if you walk into any high-street clothing store these are the measurements you’ll find used across most brands.

Unfortunately off the peg clothes which are made to manufacturers sizing won’t fit all body types and may leave you wearing an ill fitting garment. Often this means discomfort and an unwelcome distraction in your daily life not to mention the added cost and time needed to then alter garments to ensure they fit correctly.

In addition to the self-conscious feeling of wearing an uncomfortable outfit, buying off the peg clothing runs the risk of coming face to face with someone wearing the same attire. Perhaps for men when it comes to suits this is a little less embarrassing, however for ladies this is a definite no-no!

Fashion trends are dictated by brands and you may notice similar styles and colours are used from one shop to another. Purchasing these ‘throw-away’ garments each season is not only bad for the environment, and is expensive in the long run, but leaves no room for developing a sense of style based on your own personality but rather offers a limited choice of colours and designs which may not be to everyone’s taste.

When you purchase bespoke or made to measure apparel you can be sure that all items are fitted to your exact measurements. Your personal specifications will be taken into consideration including your height and build plus development of personal style is ensured through a huge choice of fabrics in many patterns and colours.

Buying bespoke clothing means you’ll be talked about for all the right reasons and not because you’ve attended an event in the same ensemble as a handful of other people (you’d be surprised how often this happens!). Investing in high quality classic items will save you money in the long term because they will last longer and you’ll wear them more often as they will fit correctly and be more comfy than their off the peg counterparts.

Next time you go shopping contemplate whether you want to fit the clothes or you want the clothes to fit you, and perhaps consider buying bespoke or made to measure in the future for an instant fashion upgrade.



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