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How to dress for success

14 June 2016

We live in a world where books are judged by their covers, and the same goes for people. Presenting yourself well in the business world will get you far, crucially because it ensures you command attention and makes you memorable in the boardroom. We can help with that - using our extensive knowledge and experience of the tailoring world to create contemporary, stylish bespoke suits. But, once you've purchased the perfect suit for you, it's as much about how you wear it as what it looks like to begin with.

A cut above
Firstly, ensure the cut is perfect in every way. Many men won't think twice about getting trousers hemmed, but will then totally bypass their jacket sleeves. As a rule of thumb, your jacket should end half an inch above your shirt sleeve for the sleekest look - make sure that yours does. Your jacket, on the other hand, should end where your fingers end naturally. Suiting really is a very personal affair, which is why we never recommend buying 'off the peg'.

Double up on trousers
We also highly recommend purchasing two pairs of trousers for each suit. Trousers will wear out before the rest of your suit will so, if you plan on wearing yours almost every day, it's a good idea to have two pairs on rotation to increase the shelf life of your tailoring.

Don't skimp on shirts
Similarly, it's all well and good buying a fantastic suit that's perfectly tailored to your frame but, if you're choosing the wrong shirts, the suit can't save you. Most men fall into the category of buying shirts that are too large. Slim-line cuts work for most physiques and, collar-wise, the one-finger rule will suffice. If you can fit more than one between the collar and your neck, it's too big.

Embrace colour
Don't be afraid of a little colour. Black suits are classic, but really, they belong at bah mitzvahs, funerals and weddings. Branch out a little. Blues look modern, while charcoal-grey hues also work well for daytime. Pair with brown shoes for style points.

Finally - the golden rule
If you're wearing a single-breasted suit with two or three buttons, never, ever be tempted to do up every button - particularly the bottom one. No matter how great your business ideas, your oratory skills, or the cut of your suit, there's no coming back from this tailoring disaster.



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