06 December 2016

For a boss or high positioned member of a team, setting a standard is best achieved by leading by example. When there is a time they must arrive to work or a meeting, they will arrive early. When there is a deadline they have to meet, they beat it. When there is a dress code – they own it. In m... Read More

17 November 2016

If you’ve ever had a browse through men’s autumn style tips, there’s a fair chance you’ve come across the term “layering”. This means quite literally what it says on the tin; to stack your garments up in layers, partially for warmth, partially for style.

So how do you effectively layer and a... Read More

16 November 2016

Steve McQueen, James Dean, Michael Caine and every spy ever. Just a few names that spring to mind when thinking of a roll-neck. All names relating to coolness and style, which should tell us something.

The humble roll-neck is one of only a few garments that are in style forever, never... Read More

09 November 2016

Although your suits spend more time in the wardrobe than on your person, it is when they are being worn that the most stress and damage is being done. It is for this reason that I write this blog; to make you aware of the stresses that your suit faces when being worn and, more importantly, how to... Read More

18 October 2016

So you’ve spent the last year building up your wardrobe, you’ve probably got a navy, a charcoal or a black suit, perhaps even a brown or a slightly louder check. Each suit magnificently tailored to you; a collection to be proud of.

But, it’s not over yet. You may have an immaculate wardr... Read More

07 October 2016

For gentleman who are taller and/or more heavyset than most, dressing well can often prove a challenge as not all of the generalised styling rules will apply to you.

But do not fear, here are some tips to keep you looking suave, no matter what the scales might be saying:-

1) DRESS... Read More

21 September 2016

It is nothing short of a delight slipping on a brand new bespoke suit. Feeling it hug you in all the right places is truly a unique feeling, as is knowing that you are wearing an item that will fit nobody else quite as well as it fits you.

The feeling needn’t be a one off though. If properly l... Read More

01 September 2016

Floating around the Internet you will find a lot of helpful tips on how to wear your suits, but less frequently are you advised on how not to wear them. From major to minor, there are plenty of things to watch out for and avoid. Pens and pads at the ready gentlemen, this could save you some grief.

29 July 2016

It’s easy to get confused by the terms ‘bespoke’ and ‘made to measure’. Unhelpfully, the Advertising Standards Authority once declared there to be no difference. This has allowed those sel... Read More

14 June 2016

We live in a world where books are judged by their covers, and the same goes for people. Presenting yourself well in the business world will get you far, crucially because it ensures you command attention and makes you memorable in the boardroom. We can help with that - using our extensive knowledge... Read More