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The messages sent by a well tailored suit

18 February 2016

You may have heard that it's the clothes that make the man. The confidence that quality tailoring
can instil in a man wearing quality clothing is undeniable - in this respect, the clothes truly do help make a great, confident, successful man. But another piece of conventional wisdom is that the first impression is the most important. What you wear can make or break a first impression in allsorts ofsituations.

Imagine you're getting dressed for a job interview. The person interviewing you is likely to be your
future boss - they probably earn good money, and to have progressed that far they must know a
thing or two about making a good impression. It is widely recognised in psychology that people
warm up to others who remind them of themselves. You need to project an image of competence. If
the interviewer subtly identifies himself with you, he will believe that you have what it takes to do a
great enough job to one day progress to his position. An elegant, stylish, well-fitting and bespoke
suit made by a quality tailor is something that will be recognised as a mark of success and attention to detail.

Now suppose your fiancée is taking you home to meet her father for the first time. He is anxious that his little girl is running off with some ruffian or low life. He has a terrifying image in his head of some punk with torn jeans who thinks cufflinks are something that police carry about! But when he sees you walking up to his front door and recognises the unique quality of the bespoke London tailoring perfectly fitting your frame, all concerns immediately fly from his mind, and he gets ready to break out the good whiskey for a warm toast to your engagement.

Ultimately, though, these good impressions start with the most important person: you. When you
wake up in the morning and consider your wardrobe of quality waistcoats and jackets made by an
expert London tailor, it puts you in the mindset of a successful man ready to impress. This will impart a demeanor to match your outfit - you will fit your clothing as well as it fits you.

If the clothes make the man, think hard about what kind of man you want to be. After all, it's the
tailor who makes the clothes!



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