24 October 2016


In 2006 Mr Ian Fielding-Calcutt longed to develop a bespoke tailoring company that delivered a contemporary twist on the foundation of traditional quality and workmanship. Ian’s extensive tailoring experience, coupled with the knowledge that there w... Read More

04 October 2016

If one were to stroll down Bond Street in west London, the shops you would see are almost all selling luxury goods. From cars to clothes, almost everything has a price tag equal to the average persons yearly income! But why? Are these products actually worth the money or are you simply paying for... Read More

30 September 2016

Your tailor has been trained to recognise most – if not all – cloths and their weaves by eye. The different weaves and their properties will be engrained into their brain, ready to use at their disposal. Though this is wonderfully useful when you are with your tailor, recognising these weaves wit... Read More

22 September 2016

The home of British tailoring is very well known as being Savile row. There are currently 41 tailoring houses on the row, each providing their own unique cut and style. This being said, they are all British tailors. So, what does tailoring look like in other countries?

Read More

26 August 2016

We know there are a million questions to be asked about suits and style and we do our best to provide you with the information that you require. But what if what we’re saying doesn’t apply to you?

Never fear, “The Suit Oracle” is here!

From this Friday forth I will be answering all and... Read More

12 August 2016

What fabric should you choose for your summer suit?

When summer time comfort is your priority, you need something breathable, lightweight, yet still suave and smart.

Linen is the classic summer suiting choice. Comfortable and cool, it’s the epitome of a leisured summer l... Read More

12 August 2016

“Who on earth got them dressed…?” is not the ideal response to a team of Olympic athletes, but it’s a question many viewers asked themselves repeatedly during last weekend’s opening ceremony.

So who were the winners and losers? The general consensus of the media coverage<... Read More

11 July 2016

... great suits amidst the political turmoil this Summer has brought with it. As a special treat for any disgruntled clients F&N is putting in place a special offer for the month of July.

Purchase a Super 120’s suit with complementary extra trousers for £895 + VAT

Featuring Royal Classic fr... Read More

11 July 2016

Fielding and Nicholson will be continuing its global expansion in the next month with a range of classic suits, hand made shirts and ties made in England by Robert Keyte.

We’re in the Big Apple from the 12th to the 15th July. New York City is one of the world’s leading fas... Read More

26 June 2016

I’m not sure what happens between sleep and coffee. I couldn’t tell you if I’ve ever actually been present in those moments, at least not in spirit anyway. I can only imagine that after I have set the kettle to boil, achieved only by some intrinsic, ineradicable instinct, hardwired into the brain... Read More




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