07 October 2016

For gentleman who are taller and/or more heavyset than most, dressing well can often prove a challenge as not all of the generalised styling rules will apply to you.

But do not fear, here are some tips to keep you looking suave, no matter what the scales might be saying:-

1) DRESS...
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04 October 2016

If one were to stroll down Bond Street in west London, the shops you would see are almost all selling luxury goods. From cars to clothes, almost everything has a price tag equal to the average persons yearly income! But why? Are these products actually worth the money or are you simply paying for...
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30 September 2016

Your tailor has been trained to recognise most – if not all – cloths and their weaves by eye. The different weaves and their properties will be engrained into their brain, ready to use at their disposal. Though this is wonderfully useful when you are with your tailor, recognising these weaves wit...
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22 September 2016

The home of British tailoring is very well known as being Savile row. There are currently 41 tailoring houses on the row, each providing their own unique cut and style. This being said, they are all British tailors. So, what does tailoring look like in other countries?

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21 September 2016

It is nothing short of a delight slipping on a brand new bespoke suit. Feeling it hug you in all the right places is truly a unique feeling, as is knowing that you are wearing an item that will fit nobody else quite as well as it fits you.

The feeling needn’t be a one off though. If properly l...
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16 September 2016

Luxury is the commitment to excellence. Settling for nothing other than perfection. In luxury there is no room for improvement. There is no “one up” from luxury; it is the best in the world. But does buying luxury items actually mean the items are better?

If you buy a luxury item, the...
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15 September 2016

There are times when we can’t help but make mistakes; even in the Fielding and Nicholson offices it happens. Forgetting a birthday, pressing snooze one too many times and we’ve even seen mismatched shoes…

We’re only human, so this type of thing is bound to happen; especially when it come...
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12 September 2016

Do you ever look at a sheep and think, wow, that sheep looks warm? No, me neither – but luckily for us, at some point in time someone thought it and many years down the line here we are using sheep’s wool for all manner of garments. Wool is an incredibly versatile cloth, it breathes in heat and ins...
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08 September 2016

“I’ve got the need, the need, for tweed”… Something like that right? Maybe not, but in the autumn and winter months, there is a need for tweed.

The most iconic of all tweeds is Harris tweed, as it is from the isle of Harris, located in the far north west of Scotland. The word tweed is from...
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06 September 2016

You’ve got your thicker suits out for the winter, along with the classy leather gloves and the cashmere scarf. The look is almost complete, but alas, the wardrobe lacks a perfectly tailored coat. What to do, what to do? A tailored coat can be an expensive investment, but the cheap off the peg one y...
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