05 September 2016

I hate to start on a bad note, but alas, the warmer months will soon be behind us. With another summers’ promise slipping away, we must look at evolving our wardrobes to once again combat the bitter mornings and windy days. Our light wool suits and oh-so Italian linens will no longer do the trick. B...
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01 September 2016

Floating around the Internet you will find a lot of helpful tips on how to wear your suits, but less frequently are you advised on how not to wear them. From major to minor, there are plenty of things to watch out for and avoid. Pens and pads at the ready gentlemen, this could save you some grief.

26 August 2016

We know there are a million questions to be asked about suits and style and we do our best to provide you with the information that you require. But what if what we’re saying doesn’t apply to you?

Never fear, “The Suit Oracle” is here!

From this Friday forth I will be answering all and...
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24 August 2016

We’ve all been told at some point or another that every man should have a grey, blue and black suit. Simple, elegant, clean. Don’t get me wrong, its true, every man should have at least one suit in these colours, but when everyone is wearing the same thing simultaneously, the work place can...
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23 August 2016

There are many avenues to explore when it comes to the tailoring world. Theres 2 pieces, 3 pieces, double breasted, dinner suits, work suits.. I could go on and on. But all too often neglected is the mysterious world of Women's bespoke suits.

The reason a well-fitted suit looks so good...
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12 August 2016

What fabric should you choose for your summer suit?

When summer time comfort is your priority, you need something breathable, lightweight, yet still suave and smart.

Linen is the classic summer suiting choice. Comfortable and cool, it’s the epitome of a leisured summer l...
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12 August 2016


Most casual, comfortable summer shoes possess a long and deeply practical history, often deriving directly from indigenous, unisex clothing crafted from local materials. Here are a seven that you might encounter on your travels.

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12 August 2016

“Who on earth got them dressed…?” is not the ideal response to a team of Olympic athletes, but it’s a question many viewers asked themselves repeatedly during last weekend’s opening ceremony.

So who were the winners and losers? The general consensus of the media coverage<...
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29 July 2016

It’s easy to get confused by the terms ‘bespoke’ and ‘made to measure’. Unhelpfully, the Advertising Standards Authority once declared there to be no difference. This has allowed those sel...
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11 July 2016

... great suits amidst the political turmoil this Summer has brought with it. As a special treat for any disgruntled clients F&N is putting in place a special offer for the month of July.

Purchase a Super 120’s suit with complementary extra trousers for £895 + VAT

Featuring Royal Classic fr...
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