There’s something addictive about bespoke shirts. The English style guru John Morgan owned about 300 bespoke shirts – all of them monogrammed.

All design features, such as collar, cuffs and button colour are chosen by the client to ensure a truly unique garment. Wearing a shirt built for oneself is truly a satisfying feeling. Should you have an old favourite that needs a little updating, we are always willing to replace collars and cuffs to extend the shirt’s life. Similar to our suits, we offer both made to measure and fully bespoke shirts. All of our bespoke shirts boast hand-stitched button holes, Mother of Pearl buttons and a higher stitch count (per square inch) than any other shirt readily available.

When ordering your selection of shirts, we shall always make one first and do a fitting to ensure satisfaction. Once content, the remainder of the order will be made and delivered to you personally.

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