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In 2006 Mr Ian Fielding-Calcutt longed to develop a bespoke tailoring company that delivered a contemporary twist on the foundation of traditional quality and workmanship. Ian’s extensive tailoring experience, coupled with the knowledge that there were others out there looking for something refined yet edgy, gave him the impetus to do it himself.

Ten years down the line Fielding & Nicholson is ranked amongst the top ten tailors in London, bringing shirts, suits, coats and casual wear to thousands of clients. The company now prides itself first and foremost on service and delivers to clients across the UK, New York and Zurich.

Three levels are available for purchase from Fielding & Nicholson: Icon, Gallery and Elegance. The Icon range is a made to measure service offering a wide range of cloths that can be used to make a suit to your own specific measurements. Gallery offers a unique bridge between bespoke and made to measure, with a laser cut bespoke pattern finished by hand – boasting the construction benefits of a bespoke suit, with a much more digestible price. The elegance is our fully bespoke range, hand-cut and expertly finished by our master cutter Raymond.

In 1973 Raymond started learning his trade in Hong Kong creating and cutting trousers. In the 1990’s Ray came to the UK and began working on Savile row for the likes of Welsh and Jeffrey and Gieves and Hawkes. These 40+ years of pattern cutting experience with many renounced tailoring houses are evident when you watch Ray at work.

As if it were a simple sketch, he will skillfully create a pattern by hand using the customer’s unique measurements. On a client’s first fitting Rays expert eye can immediately see any stray folds or creases that interrupt the smooth fit of the garment and he will re-cut the cloth using the newest measurements to provide a truly exquisite fit.

In keeping with the Savile row standards, Fielding & Nicholson uses cloth merchants such as Dormeuil, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, Dugdales and Scabal for all of it’s suits and coats. These four luxury providers give a huge range of choice; covering everything from light, bright summer cloths to thick, warm cashmere coats. Bespoke shirts can be in a range of cotton or linen cloths of varying colour and design, so you can always find a style perfect for you.

As well as clothing many gentlemen around the world, Fielding & Nicholson also proudly dresses many female clients in our bespoke suits, shirts and dresses alike.

Due to differences in proportions creating a bespoke pattern for a ladies suit involves a lot of extra shaping and sculpting which can be very difficult to achieve when altering an existing pattern. This is where Raymond’s skill and attention to detail truly becomes apparent. By creating the pattern from scratch, every curve will be hugged comfortably and every detail will be customized to the client’s unique specification.

F & N also works with Henry Humphrey, formerly of Tommy Nutter Savile Row heritage, who counts many of the worlds glitterati as part of his impressive client book.

Why choose us?

Not only will you be buying a bespoke suit, you will be investing in a piece that will last you for years to come – at least five to be precise. Fielding & Nicholson’s pride in customer service has lead to our five-year aftercare service, meaning over a five-year period after purchase our tailors will happily repair or adjust your garments as your weight fluctuates.

In addition, our gallery range provides a unique steppingstone between a basic made to measure service and the more expensive fully bespoke that many people struggle to afford. Gallery is a semi-bespoke range, cut by machine but finished like a bespoke suit – making the gallery a perfect best-of-both option. The cherry on top is that all of the styling, measurements and fitting of your garment can take place in the comfort of your own home or office – you don’t need to lift a finger!

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by Fielding & Nicholson 20 Oct, 2017

There is an impressive breadth of ways in which a suit can be accessorised; however, accessories aren't always suitable on all occasions where wearing a suit would be. You could make a major faux pas if you fail to heed this advice; therefore, it's worth educating yourself about what is appropriate and when. With the following tips, you can make the right impression in key situations.

by Fielding & Nicholson 10 Oct, 2017
Your chances of success in a job interview will, of course, depend very heavily on the charm and subject knowledge that you reveal. However, you still shouldn't overlook the need to make a positive first impression - one that will form in only seconds.

Your physical appearance can play a big part in that impression; as such, you should be careful with how you dress for the occasion. It's an ideal time to get suited and booted, and here's why.
by Fielding & Nicholson 28 Sep, 2017
It might not surprise you that overcoats have a history dating back centuries. Overcoats, which traditionally extend to about or beneath the knee, have a distinctive look which has made them quickly recognisable in various historical images. So, how has the overcoat developed over the years, decades and centuries to become a form of attire that can provide much comfort?
by Fielding & Nicholson 18 Sep, 2017

Winter can be a testing season - not least as there can often be ice to scrape off the car, train cancellations due to brutal weather, and much greater difficulty in keeping warm. However, for this time of year, finding attire that keeps the cold at bay while still looking smart does not necessarily have to be arduous.

Here are three particular style elements that can prove especially effective during those colder months and, here at Fielding & Nicholson, we can put into clothing for you.

by Fielding & Nicholson 14 Aug, 2017
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by Fielding & Nicholson 10 Aug, 2017
The three-piece suit, it’s sophisticated, stylish and versatile. Just look at the fashion icons that wear them, from Idris Elba to Eddie Redmayne , they’ve all donned them to great effect. However, when wearing your jacket, trousers and waistcoat, there are a few elements to bear in mind, so you look your best. We’ve put together a few tips to help you:

Wearing a three piece suit to best effect is all about attention to detail. Firstly, do the top button of your shirt up, but when it comes to your waistcoat, tradition dictates that you leave the bottom button undone. Your waistcoat will be more flattering that way; you’ll look more relaxed and feel more comfortable too. Also, wear your waistcoat so that it rests over the top of your trousers, not under, so it’s covering the belt line.
When wearing a three piece, it’s best not to wear a belt if you can manage without it. If you’ve had your suit tailored to fit you, you shouldn’t need one; and a belt will spoil the line of your suit. As for your jacket, again don’t do up the bottom-most button, as it will help you to retain a crisp, smart silhouette.

A three piece suit needn’t be too formal, as the cut, choice of fabric; colour and accessories can change their look and make them a versatile element of your wardrobe. Yes, a pinstripe suit cuts a dash in the city, and a classic grey suit is suitable for many occasions from weddings to the workplace. However, you can be modish and show some individuality in your choice too. Look around, and you’ll see that blue is fast becoming a popular choice for example.

If you’re starting a new job and you’re not sure what’s appropriate in the office or what’s suitable for a specific occasion, simply opt for an understated and classic choice. If you haven’t had a three piece suit before, then the safest option is to go for a neutral shade with a matching waistcoat. If you want something a little bit more eye-catching, then try a waistcoat in a complimentary colour.  

Opt for a classic three piece suit, and even if you choose an understated fabric, your accessories can introduce a little flamboyance into your outfit and allow you to ring the changes from occasion to occasion. A colourful pocket square adds a striking style note, and you can pair it up with a coordinating tie or jaunty cufflinks. When it comes to your leather accessories, keep to either black or brown – don’t mix them up. Also, a quick word on socks, an often neglected aspect of an outfit, ensure they are long enough that you don’t have an unseemly sock gap.

So, a three piece suit gives you plenty of opportunities to reflect your personal style, with a huge range of fabrics, styles and finishing touches from which to choose. You can opt for a classic look or make it entirely your own. If you’re not sure what to choose when it comes to your suit or accessories; or what’s suitable for a specific occasion, then ask our friendly team of tailoring consultants . However, opt for a three piece suit, and rest assured, it’s likely to be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe.
by Fielding & Nicholson 25 Jul, 2017

Besides being a good sales tactic(!)  there is a very good reason for buying an extra pair of trousers when you purchase your bespoke suit.

by Fielding & Nicholson 21 Jul, 2017

Want to look your best this winter? Then read on to discover our top tips for men’s wear style this autumn/winter season. It’s all about the fabric and the cut, so it’s time to get your wardrobe in order.   

by Fielding & Nicholson 21 Jul, 2017

Want to step out in style? Then step into our new showroom in Shoreditch. We’re pleased to announce that our new showroom has opened for business.

If you’ve been disappointed with the cut, fit or quality of the suits you’ve purchased in the past, then make your way to Fielding and Nicholson. Step through our doors, and you’ll find a range of handmade off the peg suits, a fitting room, our cutting table and a plethora of fabrics from which to choose a custom made suit. Our skilled tailoring team will also be on hand to assist you.    

by Fielding & Nicholson 10 Jul, 2017
Is there anything better than a brand new suit that’s tailored especially for you? We’ve compiled a list of the top ten tailored suits that should feature in every man’s wardrobe, in no particular order because in our opinion, they’re all as essential as each other!
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